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8 most popular styles for living room design

In the interior design of the living room are important all the components – the format of the furniture, the design of the floor, the chosen style and color scheme. To take into account all the details and create a beautiful and stylish interior, you will need the help of designers. And our article will allow you to decide on your favorite style.

Living room design in a modern style

Modern style in living room design is usually multifunctional, prefers quality to quantity and looks very stylish. There is a desire for pale shades, white walls and a passion for symbolic accessories.

Loft – the allure of brutality

Loft style emerged in the U.S. – in Chicago, Detroit, then spread to Boston and New York, provoking excitement around the world under the slogan: “There is life in old factories! And it’s better than traditional.”

The interior of the living room in the loft style encourages us to look at the appearance of the apartment differently – to add here the spaciousness, open space, large windows and double-height ceilings. He teaches not to be afraid of the bold shades of furniture and decor, unusual parquet, for example, with a variety of textures, very dark, decoratively aged.

– For the design of the living room in the loft style is often used parquet of a dark tone, with chocolate, honey color or black veins. Here you can find imitations of roughly chipped boards, as in the collections of the popular brand “Barlinek”. Such flooring options allow you to create a more colorful, interesting interior with a brutal, but very charming character.

living room design

Minimalism – the most laconic style for living room design

In the style of minimalism we see a love of perfection, perfectionism. There are no unnecessary details, there are only laconic lines, subtlety and elegance in the design of furniture and finishes. Very popular monochrome palettes – white, gray, complemented by parquet in tone: intense white and graphite gray, respectively.

Design of the living room in the classic style

Classic style in the interior of the living room represents luxury, sophistication, graceful symmetry. It is very popular in the premium segment and most often prefers rich tones in the finishing of the parquet floor – noble, dark, bright shades of brown.

Provence in the interior of the living room

Provence is an interesting style for decorating the living room. Due to its French roots, it adores light shades in floor design – gray, pale brown and white, with a vintage touch, sometimes dark brown in a coffee tone. For example, here you will find classic oak, but whitened or with a slight olive shade, with brushed effect and matte varnish.

Neoclassical in the design of the living room – a refined and aristocratic image

Neoclassical style – the adherent of everything traditional, refined, elegant. Among all the materials for finishing the floor here most suitable quality parquet. In the design of the floor neoclassical gravitates towards the coffee, grayish-brown shades of parquet.

Rustic in the interior design of the living room

In the rustic style, high-quality finishing materials are very important. Choosing to decorate the living room in this style, first of all, you should think about the design of the walls with stone, as well as high-quality parquet.

Among all the shades for the rustic style, light brown, in apricot or delicate caramel are the best. Professional parquet, for example from Barlinek factory, has a stylization of rustic style and a suitable color scheme.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the living room

For the design of the floor in the Scandinavian style, you will definitely need parquet – modern, natural and stylish. The most characteristic colors for parquet in a modern Scandinavian version can be considered white and gray. For example, white ash or white oak will do.