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How to choose a coffee table: types, materials, design

When furnishing the living room, the basic components are a sofa and a coffee table. Therefore, when choosing furniture, many people experience difficulties. This is due to the fact that you always want to find not only a beautiful, but also a functional solution that will harmoniously complement the interior. Manufacturers offer a large variety of coffee tables, made in different styles.

Variety of coffee tables

A coffee table – not just a decorative product that gives elegance to the room. This element is an important functional component. When choosing a table it is worth thinking about what its purpose will be: whether it will be for books, drinks or it will serve as a table for family gatherings.

It is important to understand that the priority is practicality or aesthetics. Of course there are coffee tables that have a decorative and functional task. If the priority is decoration, then you can always give preference to an antique or collectible product.

In the case when functionality is more important, the choice is also great, you can prefer a table of large size, made of solid wood or model-transformer. Do not forget about the breakfast table or coffee table. These products are suitable for those who like to have a snack or a coffee break in front of the TV. Usually it is a comfortable rounded table with four legs.

Glass coffee table is elegant and versatile. Such a product will suit the interiors of different styles. In addition, in stores you can find options with a wide range of finishes. Glass models look stylish and organic.

Folding coffee tables can be adjusted in height and size. Some models provide the possibility of folding. These are practical models, which are notable for their functionality. They can be unfolded if necessary, and after reassembly they become a poufik or a bedside table. This option is a great solution for small rooms.

So quite popular are coffee tables on a variety of decorative legs. Usually they are used to place vases, lamps, statuettes, and so on. Tables-matreshkas are no less in demand. They are placed one inside the other. If necessary, they can be arranged in a cascade or simply installed in different parts of the room.

Decorative tables are often used to decorate the room. These products are designed to delight. They are made so that nothing distracted from their contemplation. Usually they are not used for their direct purpose, their function is only decorative.

How to choose a coffee table

A coffee table is not a basic piece of interior. However, it can easily become an accent detail of the furnishings. With its help, you can make the room cozier, more comfortable. Usually it is placed in the living room, study and hall. At the same time it can act not only as a decorative detail, but also perform many functions. It can be used for a stand, storage of things.

When choosing interior items are usually guided not only by appearance, but also by cost. Coffee tables are presented in completely different price categories. Therefore, it is advised to analyze for what period of time will be bought the product.

If the monotonous furnishings in the room quickly becomes boring, it is not worth buying an excessively expensive piece of furniture. This is due to the fact that the high price does not always indicate quality. So it is better to think about how long the table will serve and for what purpose.

Choosing the size of the table should be guided by the size of the room. A small coffee table is not suitable for a spacious room. It is lost in the interior and will look absurd. Those present will have a feeling of empty space and will need to supplement the interior with additional items.

Next is to think about the form of the future coffee table. If the room is dominated by smooth lines, then the best choice would be a round or oval table. Especially relevant is such a model if there are small children in the house. After all, then you do not have to worry that the kid risks hitting a sharp corner.

It is recommended to pay attention to the stylistic direction of the room design. After all, the coffee table needs to complement the existing environment. He should at least combine with upholstered furniture. In addition, it is recommended to support the style with suitable textiles.

Material for coffee tables

The most popular material for the manufacture of coffee tables is wood. It is from it produce the frame, legs, table top. Often such products are preferred because they are distinguished by their strength and durability.

Tables made of glass are in demand due to their attractive appearance. They look stylish, elegant and successfully fit into the overall interior. They can be of different shapes and colors. The surface of the tabletop can be matte or glossy.

Products made of rattan look unusual, bright. They become an accent in the interior. The room with such furniture becomes cozier. Rattan coffee tables are characterized by lightness, strength, durability. Usually they are rounded, however, with an original design. Thanks to this, they look impressive.

Unusually and boldly look wrought iron coffee tables. They give the room a chic look. The tops of these pieces of furniture are usually not made of metal. As a rule, glass, wood are chosen for this purpose. These products are perceived as elite, aristocratic among other models. Such tables are suitable for a classic interior.

Not everyone knows that there are models of coffee tables with storage space. These models help to save space in the apartment and optimize space. This is a great option for small apartments, where there is not enough storage space.

These can be special tables that fold up and have extra space. With their help, owners can not only add originality to the interior, but also free up space in the room. Before buying, it is important to think about what models, dimensions and design will suit individual needs.

A great option would be a coffee table-counter, this is an unusual piece of interior vintage style. Such a product can be used as the main accent in a colonial style room. These are original, unusual, stylish products that will attract the eye of each guest.

Moreover, such coffee tables can be used as a decorative element in other rooms. They will become an unusual, stylish bedside table. The bedroom will look mysterious and vintage. And in the chests you can safely store many things.

coffee table

Tips for caring for the coffee table

After buying a coffee table, it is important to properly care for it. Then the product will serve for a long time, and please the owners. Our experts have given several recommendations on this issue:

  • It is important to monitor the temperature in the room. Excessive humidity is destructive for this piece of furniture. And it does not matter what material the table is made of;
  • If there is a source of heat nearby (fireplace, heater, etc.), it is important that the table should be as far away from it as possible. Products made of wood can dry out from such proximity;
  • If the table gets wet, you must immediately remove it;
  • Do not put hot objects directly on the coffee table surface. It is better to use special pads for this purpose;
  • Products made of wood must not be cleaned with glass cleaners or abrasive thresholds;
  • the coffee table should not be placed under sunlight. Ultraviolet light is destructive to the surface of the product;
  • Do not use sponges, rags with abrasive surface during cleaning;
  • The product with a glass tabletop should be protected from heavy, sharp objects;
  • The surface of the product should be wiped with a soft cloth, special wipes for furniture care.

Choosing a coffee table is a responsible task. After all, you always want the piece of furniture to be beautiful, stylish and affordable at the same time. It is important to pay attention to the material from which the table is made, its size, shape. In addition, the product should fit harmoniously into the interior of the room and fit the purpose.