How to decorate windows for the New Year 2023

The New Year is a magical and beloved holiday, which promises the fulfillment of the most cherished desires. People begin to prepare for it long before the wonderful night: they buy and make presents, look for delicious and unusual recipes for New Year’s Eve food, choose outfits. And, of course, houses and rooms are decorated.

Windows are no exception, especially since such decorations warm up not only the household, but also passersby. The ornate window, exuding warm light, always lifts your spirits and makes you believe that miracles can happen after all. The crafts for the window in the new year will add coziness to the house.

Some tips

Pre-holiday preparations for the New Year becomes a wonderful time for those who want to breathe warmth and comfort into the house. In addition, it’s a great opportunity to socialize with the kids, spouses and parents. After all, there is something for everyone in this process.

To decorate the windows without unpleasant consequences it is necessary:

  • to dress accordingly to the temperature near the window;
  • close the window pane;
  • prepare all materials;
  • To disassemble and wash window sills.

Such little preparation ensures that window decoration will be a pleasant pastime.

But you should not clutter up the windows too much. First, this will reduce the light flow entering the room, and secondly, too much decor will become difficult to perceive.


Ways of decorating

There are a lot of ways to decorate, but the most important thing is to determine whether the decor will be purchased or made by hand.

In the first option, putting beauty on the windows will be fast, in the second – a slower activity, but this time will be spent much more interesting.

Materials for decoration

As purchased products are most often used electric garlands of the most varied kinds, snowflakes or stickers.

The choice of materials for homemade creativity is much more. There is paper, fabric, tinsel, cones, paints, ribbons, beads, children’s toys and even toothpaste.

Snowflake Decorations

Light snowflakes will elegantly decorate the glass itself or create a whole snowy circle if you combine them in one chain.This is the easiest way to make windows smart and unusual.

To make an easy decoration, you will need:

  • paper or paper napkins, foil or felt;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

The process of making ordinary snowflakes is so simple that even a child can cope with it. And the volumetric snowflakes do not require much effort. But in order to beautifully assemble them into a garland, you may need the help of adults. One garland can have big and small, white and colored snowflakes. They can be decorated with sequins or beads.

Decorating with garlands

As materials for creating a Christmas stretching can be used:

  • Tinsel of artificial Christmas tree paws or bright foil;
  • paper rings, ribbons from corrugated paper;
  • hearts from felt and cardboard;
  • Christmas tree balls and other Christmas toys;
  • paper snowmen or Father Frosts cut out from a template.

The garland can be attached to the window, placed on curtains or lambrequins, wrapped around a curtain or pulled down from it.

A good option would be to decorate with electric bulbs. But you should use only purchased and fully serviceable devices, homemade electrical devices can be dangerous to use.

Christmas tree decorations

Make an unusual decoration can help large Christmas tree balls, suspended from the curtain at different heights, or combined into one or more chains.

Select such decorations will help any toy stores or specialized Christmas markets. Especially now you can buy a variety of shapes, colors and sizes of toys for the winter holiday.

Beautifully look composition of Christmas decorations, located on the surface of the window sill. You can complement them with candles or spruce paws.

Patterns in the technique of quilling

Creations in this style will help to create the most unusual patterns imitating frosted paintings. Small curls of narrow paper strips will allow you to create completely non-standard figures depicting snowflakes, Christmas trees, balls, fairy tale characters.

Potholders .

This type of creativity involves cutting out figures from paper and gluing them to the glass. To work, you will need ready-made templates, which can easily be found on the World Wide Web or draw yourself, a sharp knife for paper, a mat or board for cutting.

New Year’s themes and images, symbols of the coming or departing year will be good ideas.

Window Painting

The idea of painting windows was born a long time ago. Nowadays, special paints on glass are used, but for winter patterns ordinary toothpaste will do better.

To create cute drawings you will need:

  • paste itself;
  • water;
  • stencils;
  • A brush and sponge.

You can easily find a stencil on the Internet or use children’s templates made of plastic.

Such an element will decorate the glass for a long time, and ordinary water will help to wash it off. In the diluted paste, you can add paints or food dyes, then the picture will turn out multicolor.

Window sill decoration

The window sill can become a platform for placing cute crafts.

These can be:

  • small Christmas trees made of cardboard and tinsel;
  • toys made of wood or fabric;
  • figurines of the year symbols;
  • compositions from cones and branches, cardboard and spruce twigs, various candles, Christmas decorations;
  • live plants, decorated with tinsel and rain;
  • paper cities;
  • cinnamon sticks, tangerines, Christmas tree branches decorated with scarlet and blue ribbons;
  • handmade crafts.

Or you can come up with something completely unexpected.

Any decorating can give the most positive emotions. And if something fails or succeeds completely differently than originally conceived, do not get upset. The process itself will bring a lot of positive emotions and the joy of communication.