Interior doors

Interior doors 2023: topical models for home interiors

Storytellers and fiction writers unwittingly endow doors with magical properties – this romanticized book image has been deposited in our minds since childhood.

Therefore, the trends that influenced the interior doors of 2023 can be called natural: trivial design is becoming a thing of the past, bringing back the doors deserved mystery and beauty.

Interior doors serve many functions.

They give family members privacy in their rooms, provide thermal and acoustic insulation, protect against draughts and last but not least they are an important decorative element.

Doors made of wood

The undoubted leader in the next few years, as well as, however, will always be the interior doors 2023 of solid wood. Most often they are made from walnut, hornbeam and oak. Such products are exceptionally beautiful.

However, they have a lot of weight and are quite expensive. Their disadvantages include poor moisture resistance.

For this reason, it is not recommended to use wooden doors in bathrooms. They are not suitable for entrances to unglazed balconies or loggias.

To lower the cost of wooden doors while maintaining their excellent appearance, they use veneer technology.

For this purpose, oak, walnut, etc. veneer is glued on both sides of the base of cheap wood or chipboard.

Interior doors

Variants of other materials

The cheapest interior doors 2023 are made of particleboard and fiberboard. They are record-breakers in terms of low cost.

Models made of MDF are almost as good as wooden ones in terms of appearance. Moreover, the variety of their design is simply amazing.

Thanks to the wide range of decorative possibilities of MDF, you can always find a model that will fit perfectly into your interior. In this case, such designs are cheaper and have less weight than wooden ones.

For high-tech interiors, doors made of tempered glass are ideal. They are not afraid of temperature changes or high humidity.

However, they are not ideal either. Glass doors have considerable weight and do not belong to the category of cheap.

Interior doors 2023: design

For the next season, designers offer options for interior doors with the most different design. The undoubted leader are hinged models.

For small apartments, it is better to choose single-leaf doors, and for the living room of a private house – double-leaf doors.

Relevant and sliding interior doors 2023. They are perfect for small apartments.

Such designs allow maximum use of the room area.

Such compartment doors can be made of a variety of materials. Along with “deaf”, transparent glass designs are on the market.

Beautifully look sliding interior doors 2023 with a design reminiscent of the design of traditional Japanese partitions.

They will fit perfectly into a colonial or minimalist interior. In addition, the design is differentiated between interior doors 2023 panel and panel type.

The models of the latter type are relatively lightweight, because they have a filler inside, which is a cardboard honeycomb.

Interior doors

Interior doors 2023: Unlocking the magic

What do 2023 interior doors have in common? Each has a certain innovative twist, a fresh take on aesthetics and functionality. And after all, beauty cannot just be static, it must also be in motion – the movement of the doors when they are opened.


Compack is an elegant compact way to open. One or two doors consist of symmetrical sliding modules. When opened, each door leaf is folded and pressed against the wall.

The book

The book – The same principle with the asymmetric modules creates an even more interesting effect of movement. A real eye catcher.

Pocket – Sliding door opening

Pocket – Sliding door opening is not new, but still trendy. Stylish rail only enhances the decorative effect.

Ghost – Ghost effect

The Ghost is a “ghost effect” for those who love surprises! The door feels as if it is sliding through the air, with no supporting or auxiliary structure. All the mechanical parts of the system are hidden in the door leaf. All you see is an elegant, stylish door sliding along a guide profile above the door opening.

Rotory – unusual rotation effect

Rotory – an unusual rotating effect. The center of the door leaf is pressed to one side of the door opening, allowing the door to be opened by pushing or pulling.

We think the new interior doors have already surprised you! Well, that’s not all – continue the lessons in door magic!

Interior doors 2023: colors and decor

Stealth Doors

Invisible doors have become the hit of the season. That is, such interior doors 2023 completely or almost completely merge with the wall.

The first option is only suitable for creating a hidden room. In other cases, the door tone-on-tone with the wall has minor distinguishing features – handles or subtle framing in a contrasting color.

Black and berry colors

Black and berry colors – in other words, all dark, dramatic shades, especially in a matte finish, perfectly structure the space of a room.

Doors with plenty of glass inserts “framed” in black are a special favorite with designers.


Ultraviolet is the indisputable hit of the season from Pantone. It requires a careful selection of surrounding colors, but all the efforts are worth it! Looks great with the similar complex shades of pink, gradients and cool dark colors.


Geometry, especially asymmetric, is the best way to decorate doors. This applies to glass inlays on wood as well as asymmetrical, as if overlapping layers of wood quadrangles.

Historic decor

Historic decor is a trend to the delight of all lovers of the unusual! Doors from historical and fantasy films, which used to make you envious, can and should now be “carried” home. The choice of decor is wide – from medieval and antique to baroque and modern!