Top 15 programs, services and applications for home design

Do you want to build a private home or make repairs? Firstly, you will need to develop a space plan, choose materials for finishing surfaces and think about the location of furniture. To do this you do not need to hire a professional designer – you can make a drawing and 3D model of the construction yourself in a free program for home design.

In this article we have compiled a list of the best applications, computer software and online services for beginners and advanced users that will help to implement any design.

PC programs for home design

Programs for creating a house design installed on your computer are much more convenient to work with and more functional. In them, you will be able to accurately draw even a large multi-storey building and customize every design element.

Google Sketchup

You can also download free 3d house design software from Google. Sketchup is suitable for drawing and creating three-dimensional models. In it, you can develop interior and exterior, create furniture and dynamic objects with a motion effect. The software is designed for advanced users: free period lasts 30 days, and then you have to pay $ 299 per year for the pro-version.

Google Sketchup features:

  • supports working with layers;
  • offers a gallery of ready-made layouts;
  • changes the texture of elements;
  • saves 2D plans and 3D models;
  • creates files for VR-viewing.


Professional application that contains tools for 2D and 3D design and drafting. Used in engineering, construction, architecture and other industries. The design is made by combining pre-made shapes and drawing graphics manually. Because of this, the software will be difficult for beginners and will require a long learning curve. It is also demanding on system resources and has an expensive subscription.

AutoCad features:

  • offers a catalog of geometric shapes for modeling houses;
  • applies visual styles to correct the lighting and shading of objects;
  • visualizes the result in high quality;
  • allows you to draw all hidden utilities (electric wiring, sewerage, etc.);
  • it supports the user joint access to the same project.

Sweet Home 3D

Free home design software for beginners from, a community of independent developers. Suitable for 2D and 3D-planning, adding items from the collection of software and exporting the result to PDF. You can use it to manually draw a drawing and select finishing materials for exterior and interior walls.

Features of Sweet Home 3D:

  • can design multi-story buildings;
  • customize the size and texture of elements;
  • allows you to make a virtual visit to a room;
  • places the information about the area of the space on the plan.

Home Plan Pro

Home plan and drafting software that allows you to sketch rooms, plumbing, furniture and building structures or design the facade. It supports working with layers and adjusts the size of any detail. You can export a two-dimensional project in DXF or raster formats.

Home Plan Pro features:

  • has a print manager;
  • sends the result by email;
  • offers schematic images of doors, windows, arches, etc;
  • adds text and photos from your computer.


A simple home, building and furniture modeling program capable of creating a model of a bedroom, living room, kitchen or other room. Includes a collection of building materials and furniture, and contains tools for hand-drawing objects. You will be able to draw an object by hand, customize its size and texture.

PRO100 features:

  • displays material in seven projections;
  • calculates repair costs;
  • changes every detail on the plan;
  • creates 3D panoramas in HTML format;
  • VR-view of the rooms.


3D modeling software for a log and beam house that designs every detail of the structure, including the height of the foundation and the roof. You will be able to develop a drawing manually or choose content from the software collection, and then make technical documentation. HouseCreator can be downloaded for free for a trial period only, after you need to send a request to the developer to purchase a license product for an unlimited period.

HouseCreator features:

  • models frame houses;
  • automatically places embedded boards and dowels;
  • edits foundations, logs, walls, and floors;
  • includes a print manager for drawings.

Room Arranger

A home design, interior design, and room arrangement program designed for beginners. Room Arranger offers options for basic space editing: in it you can draw a room from scratch, change the finish of surfaces and arrange objects from an extensive library. Room Arranger is available for free for a trial period only, then the product must be purchased for $19.95.

Room Arranger features:

  • Can create a plan based on a photograph;
  • simulates the demolition of partitions and walls;
  • resizes and textures objects;
  • simulates daylighting.