decorate the walls

How to decorate the walls in the bedroom beautifully and practically: ideas and tips

Today, many people, starting repairs, think how to quickly finish all this horror and forget as a bad dream. However, we are for a different approach. Repair – a creative process, which should be approached as something interesting and magical. Bedroom decor is not limited to wallpaper alone. Imagine that you are an artist, who thinks up his picture and then brings it to life. Moreover, today there are so many colorful and amazing examples on the Internet that it’s hard to imagine what to do. We will talk about the main ways to decorate the walls in the bedroom and show some cool ways to design an accent wall. Get inspired and create the bedroom of your dreams!

Bedroom Wall Finishing Options


The most common way to decorate walls. Many people think it’s boring – and very wrong. Use stylish and spectacular options: draw geometric shapes, create a beautiful ombré, the effect of an unpainted wall or partial painting. Even from the most simple and trivial thing can make a candy, if you show more enthusiasm and imagination.


One of the easiest ways to decorate your room is wallpapering. We advise you to choose not a single-colored fabric, but an interesting pattern. Since the bedroom is still the place where we want to relax, it is better to refuse dark colors and overly bright patterns. Save your eyes and psyche. Choose pastel colored wallpaper with floral or geometric patterns. The more original they are, the better.

Photo wallpaper

Many people at the mention of photo wallpaper remember the old paintings with the image of birches or waterfalls. Forget about them forever, as modern technology has advanced. At your desire, specialists will produce any photo wallpaper.


Today, laminate is used for finishing not only for floors, but also for walls. There is no special laminate for walls, the same is used as for flooring. Depending on the color you choose, the interior will look different. Laminate in the color white oak will create a cozy and peaceful environment. Additionally, the wall can be illuminated. Dark laminate or one that combines several shades will give the bedroom an original character. Decorative elements, such as mirrors in gold frames, look more expressive on a dark background.


To turn the bedroom walls into a real art object, we encourage the use of painting. It looks livelier and more sophisticated than photo wallpaper. If you know how to draw or just not afraid to hold a brush, proceed to create a wall masterpiece. 

decorate the walls


This finishing material has long ago entered the world of design and is firmly established in it. There is a large number of panels: natural wood, plastic, glass, metal, MDF and chipboard… With the help of 3D panels create interesting textures that imitate different materials, such as brick. In such interiors, be sure to use local lighting, which will help to emphasize the unusual shapes of the panels. 

The options for decorating the accent wall are as follows

Tile work.

We are not talking about the classic ceramic tiles (we believe that its place in the bathroom), but its analogues. Just look at how amazing plastic tiles with different patterns and colors looks! Such an option reminds us of a pechwork created on the wall. We suggest going even further and choosing tiles made of interwoven pieces of wood. A great option for natural directions and for those who appreciate in interiors strangeness.

Wood paneling.

For this you will need panels made of wood. Use different sized parts, thus creating interesting geometric compositions. The interior will look especially stylish if the individual tiles are illuminated with spotlights or LED strips. For lovers of eco-materials, there is another option: a log of real wood. Yes, yes, you’re not mistaken. The trunk of a tree is cut into equal width plates and treated with special solutions that protect them from fire and fungus formation. A great option for natural directions (eco, scandi, country, rustic).

Installing a mirrored wall

A great option for small rooms. A mirror surface, installed at the headboard of the bed, will “dissolve” the wall, due to which the bedroom will look brighter and more spacious. There is a simpler option: instead of mirrored panels, hang an ordinary mirror to the size of the bed. 

Decorating with textiles

Do you like to feel warm and cozy? Then hang textile products on the walls. For this role will suit tapestries with plant motifs or models with ruffles and fringes.

Decorating with paintings

Here there is such a large number of decor options that you can probably write a whole dissertation. However, we will talk about our favorite interiors. On a white background, we advise hanging paintings in contrasting shades, as white is a great background, against which the items of decor become even more interesting and expressive. If you have a dark background, on the contrary, it is better to choose light paintings that will create a saturated contrast. And you can choose the same colors for paintings and walls, emphasizing only the frames. Take them in different colors, materials and sizes. Similar compositions are now at the peak of fashion – don’t ignore it.

decorate the walls

Decorating with clippings from magazines

Love the gorgeous, glossy covers of fashion magazines? Don’t stack them flat in your closet, but let them act as a full-fledged decorative element. Cut out the most striking pages, frame them and create compositions above the bed. Voila – the accent wall is ready.

Decorating with frames

Frames on the walls are usually created with moldings – a great option for classic bedroom interiors. You can paint them in a contrasting color to the walls, as well as in a solid color. Frames look great as an independent element of the decor just because of the moldings. To create a more interesting effect, they have wall lights or pictures.

Decorative brickwork

Brickwork is used not only in the loft style, but also in other directions. This is a great option for decorating the wall behind the bed. With the help of brick, an unusual texture is created, which dilutes the smooth surfaces of the bedroom. Technology has advanced so far that it is not necessary to use real brick to create such an accent wall. Relief wallpaper or 3D panels that are difficult to distinguish from the real material will do.

Decorating with LED inscriptions

For the loft style, you probably can’t find a better decor. A large inscription created with LED lights will become not only a bright accessory, but also additional lighting in the bedroom. Both single-color models and those that change color will be suitable.

Creating a soft wall

A soft accent wall will be a good substitute for the headboard of the bed, as you will have a pleasant to the touch surface that is comfortable to lean on. To make the bedroom interior look complete, we recommend repeating the coloring or pattern of the textile in other elements of the decor, such as bedding, upholstery of armchairs or ottomans.

Decorating with living plants

Green up your room with live plants. This is not only beautiful but also useful. Plants can be placed on special shelves above the headboard or hung from casseroles. Choose pots with the same color as the walls – then you’ll get the feeling that the flowers are floating in the air – or in contrasting colors.

Creation of geometrical figures

A great option for those who want something unusual, but don’t know what to focus on. Geometric shapes can be created with paint and stencil, panels or tiles. It will be both bright and understated at the same time.