Marble in the interior: how to use in the environment

Natural marble in the interior creates a special style of elegance and noble luxury in the room. The unique pattern, pleasant texture, shimmering shine, many color shades allow this kind of natural stone to fit organically into any interior solution and create real design masterpieces. We suggest to make a small excursion into the history of a unique natural stone – marble, and to get acquainted with popular decisions of use of this material in modern design. 

Varieties of marble stone

Interior solutions of marble rock are based on the use of decorative characteristics of the material: color shade, surface texture and, of course, durability.

For marble, the color characteristic and pattern of the stone come to the fore. Depending on the color palette, the following types of marble are distinguished: white, gray, black, green, blue and even silver-moon.

This difference in color shades is obtained at the expense of admixtures of minerals that are part of the marble rocks. As an example, it is suggested to consider the most characteristic color characteristics of the stone.


Ideal for creating various sculptures, statuettes, candlesticks and other decorative objects. White marble has virtually no admixtures of other minerals, and it is considered the benchmark for marble rock.

In nature, there are stones with small veins of different coloring, which when sawn give a unique natural pattern. White marble in the interior of the living room gives a special austerity, characteristic of design in the style of minimalism.


Polished marble with a rich color palette in gray tones and various inclusions among designers is the most favorite kind of finishing material.

The unexpressive gray background allows you to advantageously emphasize the beauty of the veining patterns and texture of the stone.

Bathroom marble room of polished gray marble emphasizes the dazzling beauty of snow-white sanitary ware and glitter of chrome faucets, towel holders, hooks for clothes.

To dilute the monotony of the interior, accessories of red shades are added. This can be an inset of ceramic tiles, towels, a floor mat. 


The dark shade gives the stone an increased content of graphite or natural bitumen. The most valuable is considered a black marble stone with gold veins and gold flecks.

Black marble in the interior is the height of sophistication and elegance. And if the composition of the marble rock is dominated by ferrous sulfate, the stone acquires a bluish cast.


This type of marble is considered the rarest of minerals. Its unusual coloring is due to the blue dioxide content in the stone. The intensity of the blue to dark purple coloring depends directly on the concentration of the admixture.

Due to the amazing coloring of the blue marble in the interior it is used as a dominant or accent color spots are created with it, which emphasize the unique uniqueness of the composition.

Other shades

In green marble, the color hue is given by impurities of iron-containing silicates, while in red – iron oxides. 

Regardless of the color shade, marble, like all natural stones, has a peculiar energy and natural originality. Interior compositions with the use of this noble material always have a stylish sophisticated look and give the room respectability and uniqueness.

Due to the unique pattern, pleasant texture, a variety of color shades with halftones, marble stone organically complements a modern interior, emphasizing the exclusivity of room design.


Marble and interior styles

Marble stone is considered a universal finishing material, suitable for any design of a city apartment or country house. Due to the natural sophistication and gloss, unique compositions are created, filled with iridescence of color shades and halftones.

Marble can fit in any interior composition from ultra-modern high-tech style, diluting the strict kingdom of glass and concrete, ending with a romantic empire and elegant rococo.

Practical use of marble in the interior

The practical use of marble can be considered on specific examples where natural marble looks the most advantageous against the background of modern design.


In the kitchen space, marble stone would be a great choice for decorating the work surface. Marble glossy countertops, kitchen decorative aprons, window sills, hinged decorative shelves, wall panels of the dining area look elegant and presentable.

The combination of marble and wood, from which the kitchen furniture is made, emphasizes the natural beauty of these natural materials and reminds of a single natural origin. 

In addition to the external unique beauty and high quality, the durability of marble surfaces should be noted. With proper care, marble facing retains its pristine beauty for many decades. 

It is not uncommon to find polished marble floors in kitchens. In the interior of the classical style or modern modern such flooring seamlessly fits into the overall concept of the chosen interior direction.

Using marble in the kitchen, you should not forget about the main functional purpose of the kitchen is a room for cooking and, therefore, the question of care for the marble coating becomes the most relevant.

Usually, marble products are treated with special products for protection against premature abrasion and external influences. They are made of environmentally friendly materials and are absolutely harmless to humans.


Natural stone marble is used to cover wall surfaces and as a floor covering. Due to the velvety texture and glossy luster of polished marble in the room creates an exquisite noble atmosphere, and the color inflections of soft pastel colors visually expand the boundaries of the room. 

Usually for finishing the bathroom is used one type of marble stone. In this case, to dilute the dull monotony using different ways of laying stone on the walls: the marble slabs are stacked by French herringbone method in the form of a mosaic covering, or just change the direction of the pattern and pattern of tiles. 

Recent fashion trends create stylish interiors allow for deviation from the generally accepted canons and suggest using in the finishing of bathrooms marble stones combined tone, for example, the walls are finished with marble beige tone with brown veins, and the floor covering is made of marble in brown tones. 

From a practical point of view, for facing walls of the bathroom, the best choice would be white marble or a light gray shade – on such a surface are not visible traces of moisture droplets, and therefore do not constantly clean the walls.

For full disclosure of the natural beauty of marble coating designers recommend marble decorating the entire, preferably frontal, wall of the bathroom.

Living room

Marble in the living room is used for decoration of walls, arrangement of the fireplace zone and for the arrangement of the floor covering. 

Since the whole family gathers in this room for recreation, and here they bring guests who came to the house, the interior should not just be modern and beautiful, but also comfortable and practical. 

Even if the living room will have only one piece of marble, this decoration raises the interior to a whole other level. An example can be an ordinary coffee table, which successfully combines marble and wood, in this case an ordinary piece of furniture will turn into a real highlight, decorating the standard furniture set of the living room.

Lucky owners of the fireplace area in the living room can be advised to clad the fireplace with decorative marble elements, which will give the room a sophisticated look of exquisite luxury. 

Marble floors

Marble floors are considered the best and most expensive flooring solution. The main feature of marble flooring is a universal combination of strength characteristics of natural stone and its excellent decorative properties and aesthetic appearance. 

Two methods of laying marble are used to create flooring:

Seamless, when the tiles are laid closely together almost without a seam;

Diversified – with laying of marble sheets in different directions.

In the second method, the marble tiles create a unique pattern and pattern.


Combination with wood

The natural origin of natural stone and wood allows the effective use of marble and wood in the interior, creating a harmonious and interesting interior compositions. 

In the tandem “marble+wood” the dominant accent is created by the wood, and the natural stone emphasizes its natural beauty. Wood wonderfully softens the heavy weight of marble and creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort indoors.

Marble in modern interiors emphasizes fashionable desire for simplicity and minimalism. If they are combined correctly, it is possible to give the room a stylish and harmonious look.

The use of natural marble stone as a finishing material in the interior shows exquisite taste and a certain status of the owners of the apartment. Despite the special requirements for care, marble finishing conquers its beauty and causes a genuine fascination and delight.