10 decor items that will help you create a trendy interior in 2023

New interior trends appear every season – can you embrace and use them all? It’s not necessary at all: it’s enough to make changes to your furnishings from time to time to improve the look of your space and let the energy of change in. We’ve rounded up the trendiest pieces of furniture and decor that can be versatile and work in a variety of spaces.

A chair upholstered in velour

For the 2022-2023 season, furniture upholstered in velvet and velour is experiencing a new phase of popularity. An armchair in velour will add luxury and elegance even to the simplest ambience and will combine perfectly with a sofa made of democratic cornet. Due to its laconic shape it won’t take much space – it can be used as a pair. By the way, modern velvet and velour are resistant to wear and tear and durable. Thanks to various impregnations they repel water, dirt and dust, so the fabrics not only look expensive, but also very practical.

Round shaped mirror

Increasingly, designers are choosing things with smooth, streamlined shapes, with rounded corners or in the form of a drop. In terms of architecture, it can be arches, windows-luminaires, from the decor – spherical lamps or oval and round mirrors. Their smooth lines symbolize home comfort and give a good mood.

Curtains from linen

Eco-friendly lifestyle is a trend in recent years. More and more people tend to use organic materials in interior decoration – wood, rattan, linen. Linen curtains are perfect for this purpose, they look aesthetic and elegant, create comfortable lighting and are safe for the health of the household.

Mirror table

A table made of mirror panels will give unusual visual sensations. It is as if it merges with the surrounding space and disappears from view. This effect will help to “unload” visually the interior, which has a lot of functional areas and furniture. Just do not put it on the aisle – there is a risk not to notice it!

Armchair with wooden armrests

Furniture, which refers to the design of the 50-60s, is still in trend. An armchair with wooden armrests will fit perfectly into modern interiors. The ergonomics of the seat and backrest provide proper lumbar support and ensure comfortable seating. The armrests are made of tinted oak – this will allow the elements, which are constantly leaned on by hands, to keep a neat appearance for a long time.

Mango wood table

We’ve already mentioned the popularity of natural and eco-friendly design: it’s no surprise that designers are increasingly turning to the japandi style. It is based on a calm palette of shades, tactilely pleasant natural textures: untreated wood, natural stone. In an interior in the style of Japandi will be appropriate things that can tell a story and items created by hand, such as a laconic table (or stool) made of mango wood.

Rattan armchair

The trend of eco-friendliness and naturalness also meets the furniture made of rattan. Today it is increasingly used not only on verandas and gardens, but also as a complete piece of furniture for the house or apartment. It is easier to create a relaxed vacation atmosphere with a comfortable rattan armchair – you can be sure of that.

Mirror on the belt

Wall mirrors can be used not only for their direct purpose, but also as an interior decoration. The model with a belt mount is one of the most popular. Thanks to its simple lines, it is easy to adapt it to any interior. And the mirror with a faceted effect will strengthen the decorative effect and create a beautiful play of light.


Perforated metal cabinet

Metal as a building material is used for a long time, but it got into residential interiors quite recently, but it has already gained popularity. Furniture with perforated metal is trending – cabinets, chests of drawers, wall shelves. You can start with a small item and incorporate a small bedside table into your interior – it will make the environment more interesting and add an industrial atmosphere. It will look especially effective in the children’s room on the contrast with soft toys and soft textiles.

Curtain with ties and pompoms

Details are what creates the interior and makes it more layered and interesting. Even simple things like monochrome curtains, designers suggest decorating – with ribbons, ties, pompoms. Such decorations are not too conspicuous, but look more expensive.