Decorative fireplace

Decorative fireplace in the apartment

A fireplace is an element of the interior, which brings comfort to the house. Often it is a highlight of the design of the room and most often it is placed in the living room. This room is called the heart of the house, because there warm and cozy evenings the whole family gathers to spend time together well, so a decorative fireplace is best place there. The living room is the best room for receiving guests. That is why the living room should be beautiful and have a modern design. In order to bring a special coziness to this room, you can complement its interior with a modern fireplace.

The fireplace is associated with the home hearth, it can become the main part of your living room. On its basis, you can build a very original and ornate home interior. According to old traditions, family members celebrate all significant holidays by the fireplace.


Many residents dream of installing a fireplace in the apartment, but they do not have the opportunity to place a real fireplace with flames at home. Therefore, an interesting solution for them can be the installation of a decorative fireplace. This piece of interior is an imitation of a home fireplace, and it is a more budget option. Usually it has elements that externally resemble a real hearth with flames.

There are decorative fireplaces that serve only a decorative function, that is, pleasing to the eye, but not warming. Another type of such fireplaces, on the contrary, performs a heating function, since the design of such fireplaces is supplemented with heating elements. In such a fireplace there is no gas extraction system, they work on electricity. These fireplaces can be used as a heating device and as a piece of decor of the living room or other room.

Some models are virtually indistinguishable from a real fireplace. They have a portal, niche, shelves and details that visually create the effect of a flame. Simplified models have a simpler design in the form of a classic arch for the fireplace and a canvas with a picture of fire. As a rule, these models are smaller in size.

Decorative fireplace


Heating decorative fireplaces are divided into types depending on the fuel used to operate them. The first type is an electric fireplace. Electric fireplace in the interior of the house is a great solution, because such a device is very similar to a real fireplace, and therefore it looks very beautiful and elegant in the apartment. The heating elements included in the design of such a device are powered by electricity, and therefore such a device can provide a good heating of the room. In addition, this fireplace is very easy to manage, you can independently regulate the temperature.

The second type is a biofireplace. Bio fireplace is a unique product, the feature of which is a real open flame. Such a fireplace is excellent for installation in any apartment and is completely safe. The device of such a fireplace works on biofuel, which is ethanol. At the same time, the fire in the fireplace burns, but the smoke from such a fireplace is not released, as ethanol during combustion is split into water and carbon dioxide. That is why such a fireplace is beneficial to the human body.

Biofireplace is very easy to use: it just ignites and fills. In addition, by getting such a fireplace, you save yourself the hassle of removing the ash and cleaning it from soot. This kind of fireplace provides a clean air in the apartment, but still the manufacturers of such products recommend regularly ventilating the room in which the biokanal is installed. A positive feature of this modern model of fireplace is economical fuel consumption.

Many models of biofires look exactly the same as the real wood products. But there are some types that differ from the classic models, as a rule, they are made in an urban design. Biokamines are divided into types depending on their design. So, there are portable fireplaces, which are small in size and very mobile, they can be put anywhere, even on the table. The second type is stationary biofires, which are characterized by a large size. As a rule, such a design is placed on the floor or installed in the wall.

Another type is the gas fireplaces. They are arranged more complex than other decorative models and have a higher cost. At the heart of their design are gas burners that provide the necessary temperature. Their main feature is the presence of a live fire. But to install such a fireplace in an apartment or house, you need permission from the gas service, as well as the mandatory presence of a good ventilation system.

Placement in the apartment

Fake fireplace in the interior of the house, first of all, performs a decorative function, so it is important that it fits well into the home environment. Its correct placement in the room is of great importance. Thanks to a wide and diverse selection of types and models of fake fireplaces, you can choose the most suitable in size and appearance.

According to the placement of the fireplace in the room, there are several types, of which the most common is the wall-mounted. This type of fireplace most accurately conveys the appearance of these models. Based on the area of the room in which you plan to install a fireplace, you can pick up a fireplace in the real size or conventional, that is, a small device. The latter option is suitable for rooms with an area of less than twenty square meters.

The next variety is a corner fireplace. This model takes a little less space in the room, unlike the previous type. It is perfect for a small comfortable room. Externally, it is a simple portal, its design, as a rule, is quite simple.

Another type is a portable fireplace. As a rule, it is a small-sized biofireplace. It is very easy to carry around the house due to its small size. Such fireplaces are placed on a stand of metal to simplify their transportation, so it can be moved from place to place by anyone. Such a device is great for a bedroom or children’s room.

How to decorate the interior

As for the furnishings, it is best to place the fireplace by the wall opposite the sofa or armchairs with a small table. All large technical devices should be placed away from the decorative fireplace, as they will distract attention from the main part of the interior of the room – the fireplace. Some people place a TV set on top of the fireplace, but interior designers advise against this. The fireplace can be decorated with stylish details, such as vintage clocks or unusual statuettes, in addition, family photos mounted on the fireplace will add warmth and coziness to your home.

How to choose

Many people wonder how to choose a decorative fireplace. Such a fireplace should, first of all, perform an aesthetic function, so when buying you need to pay attention to its design: this device should fit well with the home interior. A huge selection of such fireplaces allows you to pick up a fireplace that will win the fierce environment. Manufacturers produce decorative fireplaces in retro style, classic style, modern style, Provence, high-tech and many other styles, one of which is sure to suit your interior.

It is important to consider the size of the room in which you plan to install a false fireplace, as it is better if its size is proportional to the size of the room in which you will install it. Wall-mounted fireplaces will take up very little space and are suitable for smaller rooms. Portable models are also great for a small room. You should not buy too large decorative fireplace for a small room, as it will look bulky and in connection with this will not be able to perform its main decorative function.

When choosing a fireplace model, consider what design will suit you best. If it is important for you that in addition to aesthetic pleasure, the fireplace brought heat, buy a device equipped with heating elements. It will keep you warm on cold evenings and help to bring the whole family together.