glam interior

Peculiarities of the glam interior

Glam is a slang acronym for English glamour, which has already become customary; and a glamer is often called a person who has adopted glamour and neo-glamour as the basis of behavior, personal style and even philosophy of life. Fashionable clothes, the most expensive branded makeup and accessories, iconic movies and music, and so on – it is surprising, but all this celebration of life both middle-aged people and modern youth are not so envious, and the glamour and glammer marker is not always an expression of admiration and envy. And if glam is accepted as a target philosophy, it seems there’s certainly nothing to envy…but what about glam interior imagery?

Glam Style

The style of glam in the interior is amazing, and often amazingly beautiful, brilliant, filled with positive and fantastic, unearthly joy of life. Luxury, crazy money, diamond shine and glitter of precious furs – mesmerizing, and even envy has no place, because how can you envy the celestials?

But here it is necessary to specify, that all enumerated delights refer not to residential interiors (except for rare rich and stylish private houses), but to stylish and expensive restaurants, hotels, salons and clubs, and other premises, in which common people are not so often, and many people don’t go at all. Many have seen glamour only in movies (for example, in the ultra-realistic adaptation of The Great Gatsby), and do not worry about it at all.

As for the interior of the apartment with glam features – if you want it and it is possible, although the glamour, and the new glam is a very capricious beast and will only obey the hand of the master. The professional designs in the glam style are bright, catchy, chic and shining, there is something very strong in them: the boldness and mathematics of Art Deco, the lightness of eclecticism, the laughter of kitsch – but the main thing is that in the interior glam, created by the hand of the real designer, you can live, and live comfortably.

Interior glam in the apartment

Glam is a relatively new direction in interior design, it kept the childish features of pink glamour, but acquired the sharpness of judgment, became more rational, and perhaps it became more cynical and impudent. Glam is fiercely emphasizing its elitism and wealth. Things are not expensive, but very expensive; fakes and illusions have no place in the glam interior, and anyone entering the apartment should immediately understand that the owners have a lot of money and they spend it with ease. In a glam style apartment there are natural silks, leather and furs, real ostrich feathers and other unfortunate birds, and every single accessory screams about its priority and argues which one is more expensive.

The main colors of glam in the apartment

Glam colors are the colors of kings: scarlet and black, bordeaux and purple, purple and lilac natural tones. Lush decors of fur and textiles are painted in natural bright shades – cream and beige, wenge and greige, aivory and other colors, the names of which an inexperienced lover of beautiful designs will have to look up in the dictionary. There are a lot of mirrors and glass luster, because what is glamour without a mirror! The difference is that in glam interiors, mirrors are just as easily placed in ceilings, floors, doors and countertops. The glow is reflective and confusing, and it’s also a feature of the style.

Decorations and accessories.

A natural fur is considered a must-have attribute. Ideally a precious sable or chinchilla, and not a tiny pillow, but a solid blanket or plaid, carelessly thrown on a huge sofa with leather upholstery.

For the kitchen – a glass (or marble) bar counter; or a large dining table, as in the Victorian interior, and the chairs can be in the style of high-tech – shiny, chrome and delicate outlines. Comfort and convenience of the owners are on the second place; the main task of glam is to demonstrate the status and wealth of its owners: if the bathroom has a fireplace, the kitchen is a mini exhibition of a museum of paintings, and the bedroom has a greenhouse – it’s stylish.

The style boldly and without the slightest piety for the protection of rare animals uses a variety of skins, feathers, snakes and crocodile skins, and with a particular cynicism: you can find photos of walls and fireplaces tiles, covered with “real” crocodile skin in the network. Dashing shock turns snobbish blandness in the elitism, the level of which is off the scale and it is not clear – it all looks nice, because it’s terribly expensive, or is it really the embodiment of beauty and style?

But the interior glam admires not only the expensive kitsch, but practicality and psychological impact. In particular, for a woman’s soul: in a glam style apartment must have a huge bath and a closet in which the hostess can wander as in a small store with clothes and shoes. And it should also be said that the glam is very democratic in the sense that it gathers into a single interior all the most beautiful and brilliant of the styles and settings of all times and peoples; in the atmosphere of glam is everything: Ancient Egypt and neo-Egyptian stylizations, baroque and empire, rococo and neoclassic, bohemian and futuristic, loft and industrial glamour, and all this assemblage is so spectacular that you want to enjoy the surroundings without any thoughts about the expediency of the surroundings. But to forget about the incredible money is hardly possible, because that is one of the goals of glittering glam!

glam interior

Glam in a modern apartment

In the average apartment glam is quite possible, and although it is not popular, but it has its fans. The glam interior of the apartment often has expression and challenge, but not even a trace of decadence. The atmosphere is that of a party, expensive parties, perhaps – a hint of escapist escape from the autumn reality outside the window; a mix of alcohol and fruit juice: if a talented designer created it, it will be delicious.

Looking at the crazy and lively glam interiors, sometimes you realize that the era of glamour of 2000-2010 in our country is really over and forgotten! The reverence for glamour is gone, and glamour itself seems to have acquired a sense of humor. New realities and new philosophies are coming, and maybe diamond glam will find a place in our apartments, too – if only because it is crazy, funny and brightly shiny. In the run-up to the New Year this sparkle may turn out to be just the kind of gift that will be appreciated by both lonely philosophers and busy work and life family people.