Antique mirrors
Posted in Decor

Antique mirrors. Their secrets and mysteries.

Reflected images – from the surface of water or polished bronze to silver-coated antique mirrors – have…

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How to decorate windows for the New Year 2023

The New Year is a magical and beloved holiday, which promises the fulfillment of the most cherished…

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20 hobbies that moms can easily find time for

Moms are busy, it’s obvious. But if the past year has taught parents anything, it’s that you…

Café Architecture
Posted in Design

Café Architecture: Important Tips To Design A Café

A café is a type of coffee shop where coffee and other drinks and foods are served….

hang plants
Posted in Decor

Simple ways to hang plants without drilling

While plants are a great addition to any living space, after a while they can start to…

organic style
Posted in Design

Request for naturalness: organic style in the interior

Organic style is a relatively young direction in interior design – it emerged at the turn of…

glam interior
Posted in Decor

Peculiarities of the glam interior

Glam is a slang acronym for English glamour, which has already become customary; and a glamer is…

Interior doors
Posted in Design

Interior doors 2023: topical models for home interiors

Storytellers and fiction writers unwittingly endow doors with magical properties – this romanticized book image has been…

Posted in Design

10 stylish bathroom ideas design

The bathroom has long ceased to be strictly “uninhabited room”, as it is usual to indicate in…

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10 decor items that will help you create a trendy interior in 2023

New interior trends appear every season – can you embrace and use them all? It’s not necessary…

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