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Projects of inexpensive economy class country houses

If the country cottage is located on a small plot of land, the house itself has a small living area and is built using the most economical building materials, then we are talking about economy class housing. That said, you can’t say that economy class house projects are bad. If they are implemented in compliance with all the requirements of the technology used, it is in fact an ordinary country cottage, only, for example, with less expensive plumbing and a smaller living area than the houses of conditionally middle or VIP class.

What kind of houses belong to the “economy” class

Economy class country cottage is the most affordable housing. As for the construction of economy class cottages, it is generally the most popular choice in the construction of additional housing.

Economy class house planning

Since the houses of this class are designed with minimal size, it is very important in their layout of each square meter of internal space to use competently. First of all, the composition of the premises is thought out. The house must have everything for a comfortable stay. The layout of modern private housing, regardless of its class includes the following mandatory rooms:

  • hallway;
  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • dining room;
  • bathroom;
  • bedrooms.

Additional rooms, such as, for example, a study or library in economy houses on 6 acres projects do not include, as without them you can easily do. At the same time, general-purpose rooms are usually combined into a single multifunctional space. This applies to the common group – hallway, living room, kitchen, dining room. Instead of several separate small rooms in the project laid one large and bright room, which then, when decorating the interior can be conditionally divided into zones.

Special attention in the planning of economy cottages deserves such a room as a hall. Its function in the layout of the first floor can be performed by the hallway. The hall is planned as a common communication node, from which you can go to any room on the floor. However, some designers prefer not to make a hallway in the project and use the common room as a unifying node, making it passageway. But this architectural move can only be applied by highly qualified professionals who can think of a walk-through living or dining room so that it turns out to be quite comfortable, cozy and functional.

When combining the kitchen, dining room and living room, the kitchen area is located at the back of the room. The kitchen should not be pass-through, otherwise it will not be possible to place all the necessary equipment comfortably and compactly.

In a small cottage, one bathroom is enough. But economical cottages are often used for large families. In such cases, it is necessary to provide two bathrooms – one in the guest area and one in the bedroom. In two-story houses, the bathrooms must be designed one above the other. The kitchen should be adjacent to the bathroom. All this will save on the supply and operation of water and sewage systems.

There should be no corridors in the layout of economy class houses. Moreover, in the bedrooms and the general-purpose rooms, it is desirable to plan for a place to install built-in furniture. It is more spacious than conventional cabinets and chests of drawers.

Economy class house projects

Inexpensive cottages are in high demand, and therefore designed in a huge variety. Economy class house projects are created by architects of construction companies and are offered to clients ready for use. Today, there is particular interest in the original, for example – arched houses (projects and prices for them better find out from the performer) But ready-made standard project with standard architectural solutions are much cheaper than the individual. If you choose a good construction firm and sign a contract with it to provide a full range of services for the construction of the cottage, you can get, for example, the draft of the house 6 acres for a minimum price, or even for free.

Choosing the cost-effective home project, we should not forget that the future dwelling should be not only inexpensive, but also reliable, practical and comfortable. Aesthetic characteristics are also important. This means that the project must be high-quality and well-designed, carried out by a professional.

The degree of cost-effectiveness of the building largely depends on its shape. Such additional details as protrusions, arches, bay windows, etc. make construction more expensive. This also applies to the roof. Complicated shape of the roof with mansard and dormer windows is expensive to build, and in operation often requires expensive repairs.

In addition, the walls of the cottages intricate form formed “cold bridges,” through which the heat escapes from the premises, and it raises the cost of heating. The most optimal form for an economical house – it is a simple rectangle with a gable roof. If the house has a mansard, it is desirable to insolate the attic through the front windows.

The materials incorporated in the architectural design should not be cheap, and economical, that is, those that at low cost have good performance. For example, traditional brick is expensive building material, so in the construction of houses economy class it is practically not used. But houses of cellular concrete, log or beam, as well as frame buildings and the building of large-panel sip-panels are quite economical. Moreover, their technical characteristics in some respects even exceed those of brick buildings.

The aesthetics of inexpensive cottages is achieved through well-designed facade design. Without excessive decor, they look quite restrained, but it is quite in line with modern trends. The main thing is to choose the right texture and color shades of the exterior decoration. It doesn’t have to be expensive. To make the house look solid and presentable, you need to use economical, but high-quality finishes.

Economy class cottage projects

Country house – a dwelling for seasonal recreation or temporary residence, for example, during vacations or weekends. Many families who live in city apartments, buy or build vacation homes to be able to go into nature and relax there from the bustle of the city.

There are less stringent requirements for a vacation home than for a cottage for permanent residence. If the owners are planning to use the future home for seasonal recreation, they can save a lot of money in the construction. Savings are primarily due to the fact that such a house can be much more modest in size. In it, you can reduce the use of usable space for such elements of the layout as:

  • space for installing built-in furniture;
  • walk-in closets;
  • a large space in the kitchen-dining room.

In a holiday home does not need to store as many things and household items as in a dwelling for permanent residence. Neither do we need large food supplies. If it is intended for recreation in the summer, the recreation area can be arranged in the yard – in the form of a terrace or a platform with a gazebo. It is in this area will mainly spend their time residents. The main kitchen equipment can also be installed there. The house should still have a kitchen and a small living room, but the space for these rooms can be allocated a minimum.


Experts argue that the most economical are one-story houses of economy class. And they are cheaper both in construction and in maintenance. A two-story house is ideal for building on small lots. When choosing a project, take into account the fact that a two-story cottage must have a comfortable and safe staircase, and it takes about 15 square meters of interior space.

The second floor can be regular or mansard. It is cheaper to build a mansard than a full floor. But with its arrangement will also be lost some space. In recent years in European countries instead of the attic began to build the so-called “half floor”, that is, the second floor, in which the normal wall function of the ceiling performs as a roof structure. If such a mezzanine to be built from lightweight, cheap materials, you get the most economical version of a two-storey building.

Basement floors and basements make building a house much more expensive. Therefore, it is not recommended for economy buildings to have an underground level. If you need to build a single building that combines a house and a garage, it is better to build a cottage with an attached, but not underground garage.

Houses of foam concrete

Foamed concrete is a modern wall material with good technical and performance characteristics. It is often used in the construction of economy-class cottages due to the optimal price-quality ratio. At a relatively low cost foam blocks provide the building durability, reliability, high level of heat savings, good sound insulation.

Construction and architectural companies offer all kinds of ready-made projects of country houses of foam blocks economy class. Foamed concrete walls do not need additional insulation, and they are characterized by almost perfect smoothness. Therefore, to decorate the facades and interior walls of cellular houses can use any finish.

Log and Bar Houses

Building wood, harvested and processed by new technologies, is a great material for the construction of high-quality and inexpensive country houses. When building a wooden house you can save money due to the following factors:

Wood has a low weight, and under a wooden house does not need an expensive foundation with high strength;

Wooden walls can be left without finishing;

You can order a ready-made inexpensive house set;

Log houses are built quickly and with minimal labor costs.

Project of a cottage with an open floor plan

An architectural solution for an economical and comfortable house. A spacious room is allocated for the kitchen, living and dining rooms. In the same room a staircase is planned, which allows not to waste space under the staircase lobby.

On the second floor there is a roomy pantry. Another place to store things can be made under the stairs. Instead of a hallway on the second floor, an additional bedroom can be arranged.

economy class

House project with two bathrooms

This option is more expensive compared to the previous one. But in this house you can accommodate more people. It provides a living room on the first floor. It can become a bedroom for the older members of the family. On the second floor there is a second bathroom and a balcony. This significantly increases the level of comfort of living.

Project of a one-story house of economy class

A budget accommodation option for a young family or an elderly couple. The layout is well thought out. Compact square building holds all the necessary facilities, and still have room for a terrace. If we consider this project as an architectural basis for the construction of a holiday home, the living room could be turned into a second bedroom.

Quality draft country house economy class is the architectural basis for the construction of comfortable and reliable housing. The main distinguishing features of a budget cottage are the absence of planning and decorative excesses, and the most rational use of interior space.